Simple Ways to Be Healthier

Cigarette smoking is the most common vices most people have. Health experts would consequently remind us that cigarettes contains harmful contents that is proven dangerous but still many people continue on smoking. Aside from it does nothing good to our body, it also adds up on the pollution. Quitting smoking is very hard. When you are already a chain smoker, it may seem impossible for you to quit. It would be very helpful if you visit a health expert – may be a psychiatrist to help you out of your problem.

Drinking too much alcoholic beverages is also unhealthy. In today’s lifestyle, most beverages contains alcohol and drinking too much may give you health problems.

Drinking plenty of water will help you get rid of those toxins inside your body and will keep your body hydrated.

Go to sauna bath once in a while. A twenty minute session in sauna bath is equivalent to an extensive brisk walk. Also, because you sweat, it helps in eradicating the harmful and toxic elements off from our body. Sauna is also good for our skin and it helps in having a good night sleep.

Exercise regularly and engage in sports. This will keep your muscles tone and helps in improving your body’s endurance and immune system. Also, this will keep yourself busy and this will keep you away from engaging in unhealthy lifestyle. After a long and stressful day, having a thirty minute to one hour physical activity will take off the stress and this will refresh your body.

Having a pet will also be good for you. When you have a dog, walk him every morning. Many people also said that they are much more motivated to exercise when they have a companion. Every morning, walk your dog or run together, you will be surprised of the you could not feel the tiredness when you enjoy having a companion.

Of course, a balanced diet should be included in your plan. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and lessen eating processed foods. Processed foods contain artificial preservatives that are harmful for our body. In our busy lifestyle, we may have no enough time to cook healthy foods so we tend to buy instant noodles or processed foods. Researches  regarding on processed foods show that people who eat more of these foods are more prone in obesity and other health problems.

Lastly, do not forget to wear a beautiful smile to begin and end your day. Health experts said that happy people are less prone to health problems so always smile. Smiling is also contagious. When people see you genuinely smiling at them, they will smile t you back. This will create a lighter and happy atmosphere which would surely make your day less stressful.

The Healthy Benefits of Quitting Smoking

You always hear about how bad smoking is for your health and given the risks, you should quit smoking.  What you seldom hear, however, is how beneficial it is to quit smoking.  Now is the time to mention these benefits of quitting smoking.

When you quit smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure return to a normal state. Prior to this, smoking made it extremely high.  Also carbon monoxide is present in your body due to smoking.  As a result, your blood is unable to carry oxygen.  Quit smoking and the carbon monoxide levels start declining in your blood – within a matter of hours.

Weeks without smoking can lead to improved circulation and less wheezing or coughing.  Your lungs function better within months of quitting smoking.  Even your taste of food and sense of smell gets better!

There are greater benefits than these to quitting smoking.  You reduce your risk of getting cancer and other diseases that are onset by smoking.  Heart disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are two examples.

Keep in mind that to enjoy these healthy benefits of not smoking, you must stop smoking permanently.  This can not be an on again, off again matter. The longer you remain smoke-free the more these healthy benefits increase.

In conclusion, smoking is not worth risking your health.  However, to quit smoking certainly is.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for an expecting mother.  It is also a delicate one.  It is this way because she must take special precaution in many areas to avoid harming herself as well as her unborn child.  One of the areas she must be cautious in is what she eats.  In short, for pregnant women, there are foods to avoid during pregnancy.

The following information will help pregnant women learn what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Fish: Pregnant women should avoid raw shellfish, marlin, swordfish, and shark.  On the other side, you can eat tuna.  However, pregnant women should eat no more than four cans of tuna or two tuna steaks weekly.  This is due to the high levels of mercury found in tuna.  Eat only two portions of oily fish weekly.  While a pregnant woman can eat sushi, she needs to be certain that it’s made from fish that has been previously frozen for 24 hours before eating.

Meat products and eggs: Only eat well cooked eggs with solid whites and yolks.  Do not consume bloody or pinkish meat.  While steak rare can be eaten, it is important to make sure that it’s cooked on the outside.  It is highly advised that pregnant women avoid eating liver and any liver products.  This is because liver products have a high concentration of vitamin A.

Alcohol: Alcohol should be avoided altogether by pregnant women.  As a result of damaging your unborn child, it can cause premature birth or stillbirth.  It can even cause pregnant women to miscarry.

Caffeine: Reduce your chances of miscarriage and premature birth by limiting your intake of caffeine.  Drink no more than 200 mg a day.  This translates to two cups of coffee, 6 cups of cola, 4 cups of tea, or 4 cups of hot chocolate.

Sprouts: Whether it’s raw or lightly cooked, sprouts can result in food poisoning.  Therefore, only eat fresh, thoroughly cooked sprouts.

One final note: If a pregnant woman is preparing her own food, she should thoroughly wash her hands, surfaces, and cooking utensils while handling raw meat and other foods.  This helps her avoid food poisoning, which can be harmful to her unborn baby.

Things You Need to Know About Hand Osteoarthritis

Have you seen a person with deformed hands? It could have been caused by hand osteoarthritis. Before we talk about hand osteoarthritis, however, let’s look into the basics of arthritis and osteoarthritis first so we’ll have a better understanding of what causes it.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is described as a medical condition referring to an inflammation in the joints.
Osteoarthritis happens when the protective cushion between the joints called cartilage wears out. What happens is that bones begin to rub directly against each other and this result to structural changes visible on X-rays. Osteophytes, also known as bone deposits or bone spurs may then develop on the joint’s edges. This will also affect the soft tissues which stabilizes the joints.

Arthritis is often painful, but there are also times when there’s no pain. Over time, however, arthritis can result to joint deformity which eventually limits the function and motion of joints.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis because it becomes worst in time, affects one or more joints anywhere in the body. The most affected joints are the hands and the knees, ankles, and feet as they carry the weight of the body.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis develops because of the following:

1. Genes – when a parent or both parents have osteoarthritis;
2. Heavy usage and traumatic injuries which resulted in joint irregularities;
3. When joints are unstable and/or misaligned, this leads to degeneration;

What Is Hand Osteoarthritis?

There are numerous spots in the hand where the effects of osteoarthritis can be seen:

  • Notice bumps or bony knobs at the joint located at the base of the thumb, exactly where the thumb meets the wrist;
  • Bumps called Heberden’s nodes can be seen in the joint at the end of the finger closest to the nail;
  • Bumps called Bouchard’s nodes may be seen in the joint in the middle of the finger;
    In the wrist;
  • People who feel a deep, aching pain, and who are having trouble gripping or pinching things with any kind of strength, or opening lids, or even turning keys, they have osteoarthritis located at the base of the thumb.

Can Hand Osteoarthritis Be Treated?

The treatment is more on reducing or eliminating pain and/or restoring function and mobility. The are two ways to do this: surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Non-surgical involves giving medications such as anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic drugs to be taken orally; injections of pain reliever/steroid combinations; the use of finger or wrist splints or soft sleeve devices during the night or during certain activities; resting the joints; using heat treatments like paraffin baths or cold treatments; using topical treatments; performing exercises as instructed by a doctor or an occupational therapist.

Surgical procedure becomes necessary when the pain becomes too severe, or when movement becomes too limited.

There are two types of surgery:

1. Joint fusion where the bones are fused together; and
2. Joint reconstruction which involves replacing the joint surface that has deteriorated with a joint implant or with tissue such as tendo

The Dangers of Obesity

Obesity is a killer that can harm up to eighty percent of the population as the majority of adults and a growing amount of children within the population are considered to be obese. One of the major problems with obesity is the fact that the patient often will develop other conditions which are directly caused by the obesity. These disorders are often referred to as comorbidities.

Common comorbidities that occur when a patient is obese are:

  • Diabetes or High Blood Sugar
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Joint and Muscle Problems

obesityMany patients try to seek alternative methods of weight loss that include fad diets. These are not an effective weight loss tool and can lead to the patient becoming overwhelmed. It is important for these patients to realize that the only true way that weight loss can be achieved is through traditional diet and exercise. When the patient diets and regularly exercises they can lose weight at the rate of one to two pounds per week. At this healthy rate of weight loss the weight loss can often be permanent and lead to a healthy weight loss.

Aside the problems that have been discussed, a person increases their risk of developing stroke or heart attack as well as sleep apnea and other sleeping problems if they are obese. Losing weight can often decrease the chances of the patient developing these disorders.

A person is considered obese if they are fifteen percent over the amount of healthy weigh that the person is above over the healthy body weight that has been established through the healthy body mass index chart.

Food Supplements for Weight Loss


The dilemma of losing weight causes many health professionals to find out the best techniques to lose weight. If you are one of those who are trying to find the best formula, you might have been into different scenario of frustrations. You might have tried several techniques like diet, physical trainings, diet pills, using food supplements and a lot more. Some even resorted to starving and using appetite suppressant just to be able to reach the goal to reduce weight. All of the weight loss techniques promise to give results in no time. However, many have complained about the side effects which made them unhealthy and face plenty of health related problems.

The Importance of Natural Way to Lose Weight

Take note, losing weight takes time and this can never be done in a vacuum. This should be done gradually without starving yourself. Make sure to eat healthy and balanced diet. There is no need for you to set expectations which are unrealistic. Why not tell yourself to lose at least 2 pounds in a month and soon you will be able to reach you goal.

You can prepare you own regimen of diet that aims at losing weight. Always take note that fiber rich fruits and vegetables are all necessary to be included in your meal plan. Do not skip meals. Plan out for physical activities which can be done even 10 or 20 minutes every day. Doing household chores like scrubbing the floor and going outside for gardening are also helpful.

Using natural methods to increase metabolism will help you lose weight. You can have physical exercises, use herbs which are naturally produced instead of synthetic weight loss pills. You should focus improving your emotional and physical health and not on ripping off several pounds in a week for this is very unrealistic. You are depriving yourself from your needs. Nourish your body and make sure to avoid unwanted fats.

The weight loss pills and food supplements cannot really show enough evidences that indeed they are effective with no side effects. However, you can still buy over the counter products that will help maximize your weight loss effort; just be assured they are healthy. To mention a few, you may consider calcium, green tea extract and fiber. In case of calcium intake, there are various studies which do not support the use of calcium supplement for weight loss. If you are suffering from health problems, do not forget to consult your doctor before taking in any supplements and even vitamins and minerals.

Tips to Lose Weight Safely

Losing weight is a common problem. You may take diet pills however, it is not always safe.

Safe Tips to Lose Weight

  • First step is to drink lot  of water everyday.  Water helps in getting rid of toxins inside our body and the best thing about water is, it contains no calorie at all. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water and drink before starting a meal.
  • Cut calories and fats – eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits everyday especially fruits that are rich in fibers, antioxidants and vitamins. Instead of ice cream, choose low fat or fat- free yogurt. Make sure that meats, poultry and fishes are lean. Remove the fat and skin.
  • Try adopting vegetarian diet. We all know that vegetables are good for our health and they are also have low fat contents. Vegetarian diet  will definitely help you lose weight but will surely keep your body healthy.
  • Observe portion size –  Most restaurants serve 4 servings of pasta every dish but you only have to eat one serving. You are not required to eat the entire dish, you may ask to take home the leftover.
  • Usually, people who wants to reduce weight immediately tend to skip their meals. But this will do you no good, you are only making yourself vulnerable to diseases. Eat around five to six smaller meals rather than eating three big meals a day.
  • Avoid eating processed and fast foods and go for fresh foods. Actually,  processed and fast foods have high content of fat and sodium. They are the primary cause of obesity. Studies show that people who do not eat or eat less fast foods or processed foods lose weight faster .
  • Treat yourself once in a while. Though I know you are eager to lose weight quickly, it is not proper to punish yourself. Yes, you heard it right it is a punishment. Give yourself a treat but just don’t forget to watch for the quantity and frequency.
  • Always read the nutritional label of every food you are buying. Not all products that say “fat- free” have actually low in calories or products that claiming they are “low- sugar” or “low- carb” has actually low in calories or low in fat. So be careful in buying.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and drinks with high sugar content. It is more helpful to drink plain water everyday. Aside from it keeps you hydrated, water can also make you feel full unlike drinks sold commercially which are packed with tons of calories.
  • Exercise properly. You may want to consider to ask a professional fitness trainer to help you burn your fats properly. Aside from proper exercise burns away fats it also keeps you muscles tone and increase endurance.
  • Observe breathing exercise. Yes, breathing exercise too can help in reducing your weight. How? When you execute proper breathing, you are putting a lot of pressure in the mid- section of your body. Another good thing about proper breathing exercise is that it is very good for our hearts and lungs.

If you really want to lose weight, you have to discipline yourself.  You have to be patient because the results of these safety tips are not instant.

A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s society, everyone is busy that sometimes we forget to eat properly. Most of us wanted to eat in a restaurant together with friends and does not even think about what kind of foods we are eating.  We even barely have proper sleep. This is the main reason why lots of people are vulnerable to diseases.

In order for our body to be properly working, it needs the essential nutrients that would help build, grow and repairs bone and muscle tissues. You have to know what kind of foods are good for our body because not all foods we eat are healthy foods. If you want to build strong muscles then you have to eat  foods that helps build muscles. If you are fat and wants to lose some weight then you should have knowledge on what kinds of foods that has less fat and carbohydrates and at the same time helps in eliminating unnecessary fats out of your body. If you want to have a sharp memory and good eyesight then you should eat foods that helps enhance your vision an your memory.

There are lots of foods around us, and to keep you aware of what foods you have to eat then consider the following:

Proteins: Foods that are rich in protein. Our body needs protein to help grow and  repair muscle cells and tissues that has been damaged. Protein will also develop and strengthens body muscle for you to do your daily tasks effectively. Fruits and vegetables, eggs, grains and meat are among the foods that are rich in protein.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates is also important. Though our muscles need protein to keep them stronger, we also need carbohydrates to give us energy. While we are working, we also lose energy and thus we have to replace the energy that we lose. It is just like a fuel that makes the car run. The car needs to burn fuel to keep it running while our body needs energy to keep us going. However, that does not mean that you just have to eat lots of carbohydrates, remember that you have to watch for your carbo intakes for too much carbohydrates can cause overweight.

Water: Drink lots of Water. Just like other living organisms, we humans need water to in order to live. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. When we are moving, we sweat. This is helpful for our body to get rid of toxins and other harmful elements out from our body. Water also helps to keep our skin look beautiful and flawless. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for it is harmful to our body. Eat lots of fruits for they are rich in water and other nutrients that we need.

Vitamins: Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D and E for our body needs them. Vitamin A improves eye sight, Vitamin B for our blood cells, Vitamin C for resistance, Vitamin D for our bones and Vitamin E for healthy skin. You also have to include proper exercise to complete the recipe.